Camper Modifications

We have been modifying camper vans for over 10 years.

A camper van allows you to benefit from a home from home experience. Unfortunately, due to overuse, the terrain or simply old age many campers can become damaged, out-dated or unfit for purpose. A modification, transplant or full refit from Morevan can help breathe new life into your camper and allow you to keep on exploring!

Who are these types of conversions suitable for?

These types of conversions are suitable for anyone who already owns a camper van and is looking to improve its usability. We can strip out the interior along with any serviceable parts and re-build them into a newer, more reliable vehicle. We can use as much or as little of the interior as you need. We will then hand you back over your beautiful, fully refurbished vehicle.

Bespoke by nature

We know the importance people place on having a reliable, yet suitable camper. With this in mind we adopt a very open approach to your re-fit. We will start by assessing the current condition of your vehicle and establishing which parts can be re-used and which need to be replaced. Upon this we will consult with you to develop a plan for the refurbishment of your vehicle to incorporate any new features you require.

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