Drainage Lining Builds

We have been converting a variety of trucks & vans to be suitable for the transport of pipework lining materials for over 10 years

We work with high quality materials to ensure that your drainage pipe relining vehicle is both durable and reliable. A drainage pipe lining conversion from Morevan will afford your pipe relining team the necessary materials to remain productive for longer.

What are they used for?

A drainage lining vehicle is used to transport the materials required to undertake repairs on underground pipe works. These materials can often be fragile and required in large quantities. A well-designed vehicle that utilises space can reduce costs incurred from transport damages and often negate the need for more than one journey.

Who are they used by?

Drainage lining vehicles are predominantly used by contractors to transport materials to site. Some local water authorities will also use these types of vans to help with general repairs to their pipe network. Larger vehicles with a suitable pay load are usually required for these types of conversions. The extra space is required to allow for larger quantities of materials to be transported to site.

Morevan have been converting pipe lining vehicles for over 10 years. Our team will work with you to better understand your requirements for the conversion and ensure that the end result meets your expectations.

Bespoke by nature

In our industry we appreciate the need to be adaptable and that each customer will have a differing set of requirements for their conversion. We treat every job as being bespoke, ensuring that we fully understand the expectations placed on us by our customers.

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