Drainage Vehicle Re-fits

At Morevan we specialise in the conversion of vans and trucks into fully functional drainage vehicles

A drainage re-fit will convert your chosen vehicle to be suitable for surveying and recording the condition of drainage pipes, bore holes and hard to reach underground places. We have been building these types of conversions for over 10 years, meaning our experience and attention to detail are second to none.

Who are these types of conversions suitable for?

These types of conversions are especially popular with water boards and drainage contractors. Who are looking for a state of the art vehicle to help them better understand hard to reach environments that they are looking to work on.

Types of vehicles we convert

Any medium wheelbase (MWB) high roof van. These types of vehicle offer the best space and load carrying capacity. Mercedes Sprinters offer themselves well for these builds and are very reliable.

We can also work on old CCTV vehicles; we will strip the interior saving any reusable parts and convert it into a better condition of vehicle. 

(Please note not all interiors are suitable for this transplant but if they are it can be cost effective. We can replace as much or as little of the interior that is serviceable)

Bespoke by nature

We appreciate that every business will have a different set of requirements for their conversion. Every project we undertake is done so an individual need basis. We ensure that we fully understand all your requirements and consult with you during the build.

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