Providing a welcomed sanctuary from the job, a welfare vehicle from Morevan helps to ensure your workforce a well catered for

We can incorporate food preparation areas, toilets, hand basins and hot water facilities. A welfare vehicle conversion from Morevan helps look after your transient team and help them stay productive for longer.

Who and what are they used for?

Welfare vehicles are typically used by a crew who are working in remote areas that are away from public conveniences. These types of vehicles are usually powered by an inverter system or a remote built in generator. Mobile welfare vehicle conversions from Morevan come equipped with canteen, seating and separate toilet facilities. These vehicles can help your team to work on the remotest of sites.

Types of vehicles we convert

We can work with any type of medium wheelbase (MWB) or large wheelbase (LWB) vehicle that has a high roof. Quite simply, the larger the vehicle, the more space you and your team will have.

Bespoke by nature

We appreciate that your team are going to have different requirements from your welfare vehicle, depending on the types of work you undertake. Every project we take on is treated individually. We ensure that we fully understand all your requirements and consult with you during the build.

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